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Western Region Membership - Program Survey
This is a survey for our members who live, serve or conduct business in the Western Region. We will use your responses to organize events, speakers and tours tailored to the interests and needs of our members out west. Please hit the link below to take the survey. Thank you for your inputs as we try to expand and improve our member services

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STEM & Scholarships
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US Army Photo
The configuration and data management disciplines are critically important in the design, development, production, test, Integration and maintenance of complex products. These disciplines are vital and have many applications globally in both commercial and government applications. Most organizations recognize CDM processes as keystones in two of the most critical business requirements; managing risk and controlling cost. CDM is a “value added” essential part of business. Accordingly, a reliable means to identify and recognize well-qualified, experienced configuration and data management professionals is essential to establish professionalism in these disciplines.
Configuration & Data Management Course