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Western Region
We have a big Chapter geographically – stretching from Virginia Beach, north and south along the James, all the way out to Richmond. It is often difficult for our Richmond and Ft Lee area members to attend events in the Hampton Roads area. To help with that challenge we are establishing a “Western Region” of the Chapter to focus on the needs of the members in that area. This map outlines the GHRC Western Region. Mr. Mike Flanagan is the Vice President, Western Region. He will be responsible for organizing Chapter programs and events in that area.

Our plans for this area include:
-Growing the membership in the Western Region
-Conducting at least 2 events to facilitate interchange among our government/industry members and guests
  -- Arrange for Federal and State Government Officials to address membership events
  --Support NDIA Divisions in holding conferences, symposiums and Division meetings in the Western Region
-Generating a positive income stream via charity events such as Golf Tournaments, members luncheons, and industry sponsorships of events
-Investing in our future by extending GHRC scholarship program to western region Universities
-Contribute to and support local STEM programs

We welcome inputs on how to improve our member services in the Western Region - please contact Mike Flanagan.
STEM & Scholarships
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