William Steele is currently a senior at Christopher Newport University, majoring in Political Science and American Studies and minoring in US National Security Studies and Leadership. He has worked as a Junior Fellow for the Center of American Studies, and presented research at the Midwest Political Science Associations annual conference on China's construction of artificial islands in the South China Sea. Over the summer, he participated in a select Honors internship program designed to provide hands-on work experience and exposure to specific designed to provide hands-on work experience and exposure to specific areas within the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During his time with the FBI he was able to assist in processing Freedom of Information (FOI) requests and to analyze and summarize complex data requests for FBI management staff. As he enters his senior year, he plans to continue his internship with the FBI, as well as conduct a research project with one of his professors who is a retired Rear Admiral and former US National Security Advisor.
Each year the GHRC provides a number of scholarships to local college and university students who are pursuing degrees in areas that we believe will help promote the National Defense. This year we will again provide funds for student from Thomas Nelson Community College, Tidewater Community College and Christopher Newport University.

The individual recipient students are selected by the schools Advancement Office, based on a Memorandum of Agreement between the chapter and the school. The basic criteria are that:
The student must be a senior or graduate student at a four year university, or in their second year at a community college.
The student must be pursuing a degree in either a STEM or National Security related field of study.
The student must have a 3.0 or better overall Grade Point Average.

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STEM & Scholarships
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William Steele
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